The Benefits of an Automatic Fire Sprinkler System from Amber Fire Protection, Inc., Inc.

There are many benefits to having an automatic fire sprinkler system in your business or home. Some are obvious and some may surprise you!

  • SAVES LIVES!!! – a persons opportunity to escape a fire is greatly enhanced, fires are smaller, smaller chance of smoke inhalation.
  • Significantly reduces the chance of the protected structure being destroyed by fire.
  • Limits the damage caused by a fire.
  • Due to smaller fires, it reduces the amount of damage that results from a Fire Department’s effort to put out a fire.
  • Because fires are smaller and flashover chances are greatly reduced, the risk to firefighters is greatly reduced in a structure protected with an automatic fire sprinkler system.
  • Insurance premiums may be lower for a structure protected by an automatic fire sprinkler system.
  • A properly designed automatic fire sprinkler system can actually enhance the architectural features of a structure.

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