Mission Statement

Quality of workmanship and customer service will make us the company of choice in the fire protection industry. Our customers will know that Amber Fire Protection, Inc. will complete the job within budget and on time, every time.

Core Values

Quality of Workmanship:


”Top of the Line” product installation and presentation

“Telling it like it is”


“Doing the right thing”



“On demand”


“Not necessarily the biggest, but always the best, because we’re in it for the long run”



“Being good stewards of what we’ve been given”


“Investing in the success, safety and satisfaction of our people”

Our Brand Promise


“Highest Value Provider”

Total Reliability:

“On Demand”
“On Time, Every Time”

Quality Workmanship:


To learn more about how Amber Fire Protection, Inc. can help you protect your business or home from fire just call 678-730-0413 or email us or request an information package

Without Amber Fire Protection, Inc….It’s your Ash!